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    Welcome to A'SORB-IT.COM

    Can rapidly absorb up to 500 times its weight of water-based liquids or body fluids into a semi-solid form and is fast-acting.

    Eco Friendly, Biodegradable, and Non-Toxic, so it's safe to handle.

    Just use about 3 grams or 1 teaspoon

    of A'SORB-IT ™️ per 1 ounce of water to get

    fast-acting and Eco-friendly results!!

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    Have you ever spilled

    your rinse cup?

    A'SORB- IT™️ is a safer alternative to other products on the market that do the same thing, but are actually toxic. This liquid solidifying solution absorbs hundreds of times its own weight. It's easy to use during clean-up to solidify your rinse cup immediately.


    A'SORB-IT™️ It will turn your liquids used during the tattoo process into a

    semi-solid that can be disposed of in the trash receptacles.

  • How It Works

    Simply squeeze A'Sorb-It™️ into the rinse cup, wait 30 seconds and then throw it away- no more leaky trash bags full of soaked paper towels. Just use 3 grams per cups to get a quick reaction time for this safe, fast, and easy way to dispose of your rinse cup at the end of a tattoo session.

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    Super Absorbent, Safe, Very Fast,

    Efficient, Easy & Convenient!

    A'SORB-IT™️ is a granular form and is Safer 
    and a more economical alternative 
    than other brands being sold that may be 
    a harmful or toxic powder form.
    Here’s a video of A’SORB-IT™️
     being used during the cleanup 
    of work station after completing
    a Tattoo.  Only takes a small amount to absorb liquid and works almost instantly!




  • Sponsored Events

     & Partnerships

    26th Motor City Tattoo Expo in Detroit Michigan, March 2022

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    First showcased at 2 Inkmasters shows in Texas, in April 2021 

    by A'SORB-IT Pro Team artist Joelene Horning

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    @ Inkcarceration Tattoo and Music Festival in Mansfield Ohio, in September 2021, 

     Tommy Gunns was sponsored by ASORB-IT.com

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    Thomas Smith is the owner of Tommy Gunns Tattoo Shop in Crestview, Florida.

    He began tattooing in 2001 and has won numerous awards at the Inkcarceration Music and Tattoo Festivals in Mansfield, Ohio and several Ink Masters Tattoo Expos across the US.

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    Contact Info: 

    IG : Tommyguns__ ( 2 underscores after name )
    Facebook: Tommy Guns Tattoo Shop 
    Website: Tommygunnstattoo.com


    Jason Elliot Works at

    Hard to Love Tattoo Shop

    Located in College Station, Texas.

    He began tattooing in 2012 and has won numerous awards for his tattoos at Ink Masters Tattoo Expos across the US. He has been a participant on the TV show, Ink Masters Tattoo Show, during seasons 10 and 13, as well as season 1 of the Inkmasters Grudge Match Show.

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    Contact Info:
    IG: Jasontattooer 
    Facebook: Jason Elliot


    Joelene Horning is the Owner of Ink Therapy in Anchorage, Alaska. 

    She began tattooing in 2012 and has won numerous awards for her tattoos at several Ink Masters Tattoo Expos, and Villain Arts Tattoo Expos. She is also part of the Villain Arts traveling artist team at tattoo conventions all over the US.
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    Contact Info: 
    IG : inktherapydiva 
    Facebook: Joelene Horning 
    Website: Inktherapyak.com


    Jonathon Anderson is the owner of Sarenity Tattoo Shop 

    in Fort Gratiot, Michigan.

    He has won numerous awards at Ink Masters Tattoo Expos and his shop is a Sponsoring partner for the 26th

    Motor City Tattoo Expo.

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    Contact Info:
    IG: thedevilscompass
    Facebook: Sarenity Apparel Tattoo and Piercings
    Website: Sarenitytattoo.com
  • Supporting Tattoo Shops 

    Tommy Guns Tattoo in Crestview, Florida
    Sarenity Tattoo in Gratiot, Michigan 
    Inked Therapy in Anchorage, Alaska
    Ambition Tattoo in Knoxville, Tennessee 
  • Used in Tattoo Shops, Conventions, and Anywhere Where You Need

    To Prevent Trash Leaks.

    A True Multi-Use Product

    Prevent Trash Leaks and
    Color Stains

    We have individual bottles available and wholesale options for your convenience.

    Water-Based Liquid Spill

    This trademarked product can also be used in schools, homes, and for making cold pain compresses.

  • Meet The Owner

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    Daniel "Dan" Rucker

    CEO / Founder of ASORB-IT.com in November 2020, then branded and trademarked 
    the product A'SORB-IT™️.
    Manager at Tommy Guns Tattoo Shop
    in Crestview , Florida
    After spending most of his life in the Auto Body Repair and Construction business, in 2020 Dan helped his friend and tattoo artist, Tommy Guns, remodel the 3,000 sq/ft building that they are now at. He then became manager of Tommy Gunns Tattoo Shop to assist in the daily working and business aspects of the tattoo industry and customer service. During the beginning of his career at Tommy Gunns, he noticed an issue with leaking trash bags in the trash receptacles, causing a mess ! He noticed an artist pouring a powder substance into his rinse cups and inquired about it , thus starting his research and development of the product now known as A'SORB-IT™️ . Within weeks he had someone to make the product and has tested it for many uses in the tattoo shops and also at home !! Everyone at the shop uses and loves the product.

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    Serving the Killeen, Texas, and surrounding areas. Exclusive tattoo supply provider

    at the Ink Masters Tattoo Expos all across the US !!

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    Serving the San Antonio, Texas,

    and surrounding areas.

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    A True Multi-Use Product 
    Born For The Ink Shops 
    But Ready To Take Home.
    originally designed to solidify tattooing ink and rinse cups, preventing leaks into trash receptacles. A’SORB-IT has many uses at the shop and home.
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